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Black & Decker MM875 Review – The best Gardening tool

Black & Decker MM875 Review – The best Gardening tool

If you’ve been mowing your lawn for quite a while, you do know how much of a hassle these old fuel mowers may be. You’ve to keep purchasing gas, and with rising gas prices this can turn you down into mowing your lawn, despite the fact that you know it needs to be cut. Of course hiring someone else to mow your lawn gets more and more expensive by the day, which means this really doesn’t become an option for you. Fuel mowers also need a good deal of maintenance, meaning you’ll need to make sure the mower also has gas, your blade is pointed, and the engine is tuned up and runs well. Electronic mowers put an end to many of these problems, and you can have a mower that you can rely on for decades to come.


Black & Decker MM875 – Specifications

Manufacturer Black & Decker
Model MM875
Motor 12 Amps
Deck Size 19 inches
Cutting Modes Mulch, Rear Bag & Discharge (Optional)
Height Adjustment Type Single Lever
Cutting Heights 1.25 – 3.5 inches
Weight 52 lbs

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