Black & Decker MM875 Review – The best Gardening tool

Black & Decker MM875 Review – The best Gardening tool

If you’ve been mowing your lawn for quite a while, you do know how much of a hassle these old fuel mowers may be. You’ve to keep purchasing gas, and with rising gas prices this can turn you down into mowing your lawn, despite the fact that you know it needs to be cut. Of course hiring someone else to mow your lawn gets more and more expensive by the day, which means this really doesn’t become an option for you. Fuel mowers also need a good deal of maintenance, meaning you’ll need to make sure the mower also has gas, your blade is pointed, and the engine is tuned up and runs well. Electronic mowers put an end to many of these problems, and you can have a mower that you can rely on for decades to come.


Black & Decker MM875 – Specifications

Manufacturer Black & Decker
Model MM875
Motor 12 Amps
Deck Size 19 inches
Cutting Modes Mulch, Rear Bag & Discharge (Optional)
Height Adjustment Type Single Lever
Cutting Heights 1.25 – 3.5 inches
Weight 52 lbs

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What Black and Decker mm875 has to offer

Assembly Whenever you get the mower all you’ll need to perform is attach the handle and you may be mowing within several minutes of opening the box.

Reliable starts – You actually dot need not be worried about shutting this mower off. It’ll begin straight back up again. Great if you missed some spots in your lawn like a stone and you must stop and remove it. The starter lever doesn’t feel as sturdy as the remainder of the mower to be honest though.

Handle – The handle is flexible that is actually a real incentive for taller people. On lots of mowers the handle is only a set height, and when this is too low for you, you wind up leaning over it that may result in straight back issues. You’ve also got a good cushioning in the handle which reduces the shaking you will feel. Even though it’s exceptionally comfy and helps reduce vibration created by the mower, it doesn’t seem to wear well.

Back bag – The bag is made so that it’s extremely simple to take of, empty and then reattach.  With one drive of a lever all four wheels shift height and lock in to place. A real time-saver.  An excellent bonus should you’ve very small space reserve in your garage or shed.

Economical to operate – This mower is exceedingly affordable to operate. It’s powered off the mains and also the electricity just costs a couple of cents per hour. Way cheaper than just about any other power source.

Fume free – That is ideal for both you and our surroundings. Who actually really wants the stink of petrol after mowing the lawn? Well with the MM875 you won’t need to get a shower or wash your clothing after mowing, since there aren’t any fumes or harmful emissions.

Low-maintenance – The most important thing would be to keep the blade sharp. This mower will not cut nicely if it has a dull blade since it doesn’t have the ability to hack grass down. Other than that merely keep the bottom of the mower clear from grass. A great method to get this done is spray the bottom with a spray prior to starting and clearing up will be extremely simple.

How well did the Black & Decker MM875 perform?

Mulching – When it’s significant for you personally to really mulch then you’ve arrived at the best area. On-demand Ultra-fine mulch is created by the MM875.

If you’re going to utilize the tote then it’ll get heavier as this starts to fill. In Addition, its low weight causes it to be simpler to move. So in case you must take it to the vehicle or from your entry to the in those days you won’t hurt your-self doing so.

Noise Levels – Fine, therefore it is not quiet.  But it’s a major development on a gasoline mower.

What I liked


  • Really simple to create
  • Pretty light and simple to shove
  • Back grass bag is simple to eliminate and reattach
  • Eco-friendly alternative
  • Economical to operate
  • Stores well because of fold handlebar
  • Reliable starter
  • Minimal care needed
  • Does an excellent job at mulching
  • Runs quietly

What I did not like

  • The handle could be better Padded
  • Starter lever feels somewhat flimsy
  • Its not cordless

Is the Black & Decker MM875 for you?

It’s yet another lawnmower for a smaller lawn.  Also I don’t recommend you make use of this mower in wet conditions because it won’t perform that well.

So long as you put it to use for the conditions it’s designed for you won’t have an issue.

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